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Assistant Principal:
Charter School - North Jacksonville


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POSITION GOAL: To assist the principal in providing vision and leadership to develop, administer and monitor educational programs that optimize the human and material resources available for a successful and safe school program for students, staff and community.


  • Education: Earned a master’s degree or higher from an accredited institution.

  • Certification: Valid Certification in Educational Leadership, Administration, Administration & Supervision, School Principal or Professional School Principal at the appropriate grade level for the school.


  • 1-3 years of administrative experience at a school site

  • 3 years of teaching experience at a school site

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written forms

  • 3 letters of recommendation

  • Candidate to provide copies of last two professional evaluations

Salary: Commensurate with experience but highly compensated.


SKILLS AND ABILITIES: The Assistant School Principal will effectively perform the performance responsibilities using the following skills and abilities:

  • Read, interpret and implement the appropriate state and federal statutes and policies, Sponsor’s Policies and school board policies and procedures.

  • Use group dynamics within the context of cultural diversity and be knowledgeable of Florida education reform, accountability and effective school concepts.

  • Demonstrate knowledge and practice of current educational trends, research and technology.

  • Understand the unique needs, growth problems and characteristics of school students.

  • Train, supervise and evaluate personnel.

  • Demonstrate effective communication and interaction skills with all stakeholders.



The Assistant Principal shall:

  • Use collaborative leadership and quality processes to involve stakeholders in establishing and achieving the school’s mission and goals.

  • Assist the principal in providing leadership and direction for all aspects of the school’s operation.

  • Assist in establishing and monitoring a school mission and goals that are aligned with the Board’s mission and goals.

  • Exercise proactive leadership in promoting the vision and mission of the Board’s Strategic Plan.

  • Maintain an active involvement in the school improvement planning process.

  • Assist with establishing a monitoring procedures for an accreditation program and monitor standards to ensure they are met.

  • Provide for the articulation of the school’s instructional program among school personnel.

  • Assist in the management and development of the implementation and assessment of the instructional program at the school to ensure all students have equal learning opportunities.

  • Use quality improvement principles and processes in a daily administration of school.

  • Assist in development and maintaining a safe school atmosphere conducive to learning and student achievement.

  • Maintain visibility and accessibility on the school campus and at school related activities and events.

  • Assist in conducting staff meetings to discuss policy changes, instructional programs, potential problems and resolution of existing problems.

  • Build teams to accomplish plans, goals and priorities.

  • Assist in the establishment of procedures used in the event of school crisis and/or civil disobedience and provide leadership in the event of such incidents.

  • Act quickly to stop possible breaches of safety, ineffective procedures, or interference with operations.

  • Anticipate difficult situations and develop plans to handle them.

  • Serve as arbitrator for serious discipline problems in accordance with School policies, board and Sponsor’s policies and state statutes.

Legacy Solutions provided the following inclusive hiring information:

We are an equal opportunity employer and consider all qualified applicants equally without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or disability status.

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