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Our Training Solutions ...

Are you in need of training solutions?

We create classes around your needs.

Some Of Our Custom Courses At A Glance

Creativity in the Classroom

The Code of Ethics of the Education

Profession in Florida


Today's Generations

(Youth & Staff)

Avoiding Workplace Harassment (Hostile & Toxic Environment)



Appropriate Online Interactions & Behavior for Social Media, Video / Internet, Cell Phone & Laptop Usage

Child Abuse

Reporting and Neglect


and Gossip

Building Relationships with Stakeholders

Cultural Competence / Diversity / Race Relations

Unconscious Bias

Race Relations

Managing Your Biases / Managing Your Emotions

Stress Relief Strategies for Educators

Restorative Practices & Equity for Teachers

Parent-Teacher Collaboration

The Virtual Classroom


in the Workplace (Confidentiality, Respect, Dress, Attendance)

Do You Know Enough About Me To Teach

Reporting Educator Misconduct

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Workplace Culture

Respecting the Chain of Command in the Workplace

Social Emotional

Support Strategies



Sexual Harassment / Hostile Work Environment

Customer Service

Best Practices for Working with Students with Trauma History

Administrative Workshops

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